Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer

PRO Laptop Battery Analyzer

Our Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer and Repair Tool NBLA1 can be used to diagnose, revive/wake up, charge, discharge, calibrate, reset the chip or measure the real capacity of almost all laptop batteries on the market. The ultimate Chip Reset function converts the NLBA1 device into a professional tool to repair laptop batteries.

A live review performed by Sorin

Sorin, an expert guy in repairing laptops, reviewed our PRO NLBA device in real-time on his YouTube channel “Electronics Repair School”.

Sorin explained how the major features work and described a few use cases in which the NLBA tool might be very useful.

Laptop Battery Chip Reset and Repair

Chip Reset Option

The PRO Laptop Battery Repair NBLA1 Tool can repair almost all laptop batteries on the market. Our equipment is able to program and reset the chips inside the laptop batteries. It can unseal the laptop battery chips, clear the errors, reset the PF Flag, and update EEPROM parameters: Manufacturer Date, FCC, Cycle Count. We offer step-by-step instructions on how to repair laptop batteries by editing the EEPROM parameters on the forum.

Designing Embedded Systems

NIP Embedded offers services to design and develop hardware and software for embedded devices. We use are experienced in using microcontrollers as brain of our solutions. Our most successful project is the best Laptop Battery Analyzer and Repair tool in the world called NLBA1.