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Everything you need to know about repairing laptop batteries. Find out how to replace the cells, how to fix the thermal fuse and how to reset the chip.

Laptop battery reset bq20z40

How to Reset, Reprogram and Calibrate BQ20ZXX family chips after battery cells replacement

Post Date: June 13, 2021

This tutorial is about full reprogramming and recalibrating BQ20ZXX family chips after battery recelling. Before I proceed I would like to mention that you DON’T need to do it if you are not plann ...

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How to repair laptop battery using NLBA1 device

How to Repair a laptop battery (replacing the cells) and Unlock / Reset the chip BQ9000

Since there are not so many guides on battery recelling and chip reprogramming I decided to make one, hoping that it will help any beginner that is not sure how to procee ...