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Preventing abuse of Reset License

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 It was noticed growing number of cases where customers reset Manufacture Date and Cycles Counter on the old and used batteries without replacing the cells. 

 It is definitely not the purpose Reset License was developed for. 

 Most of the customers catched on this activity even not hesitating to publish snapshots with 'renewed' parameters, another says it was done 'by mistake' or due to 'poor English' and misunderstanding of button design. 

 So to prevent erroneous reset of these parameters its suggested to fill Manufacture Date, Cycles Counter and FCC with a values copied from SBS report. So if someone press the button by mistake nothing will change. 

Presently these values are corresponding to new battery and non-fair customers who even not have a plans to rebuild the battery could easy tempt to press a button and reset the data. 

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 When proposed feature to be implemented, noone will say 'cycles were reset by mistake' as this will require entering new values wittingly which will prove abuse activity. 


Topic starter Posted : 14/09/2022 11:37 am
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Indeed, there are people who are abusing this function and changing the wear parameters. But there are also people who are changing these values without abuse intention, for example thinking the battery will work again if the cycle count is set back to 1.  I still see articles on the internet saying that laptop batteries stop working overnight because the counter reached a certain limit.

Another implementation option would be to warn through a message like: "Resetting cycle count and date without replacing the cells could be considered fraud and you are responsible for this. We don't encourage it and we could stop offering support."

Also, if the same customer repeats the "fault" and doesn't take our recommendation into consideration we could limit the support for him. Let's say the first and second time could be errors, mistakes, tries, etc, but not to continue.

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Posted : 14/09/2022 6:13 pm