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How to unlock / reset BQ8055 chip

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hi sir i am need to reset and unlock this chip please guide us

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Topic starter Posted : 16/02/2021 3:37 pm
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BQ8055 does not support Unseal, it is a different technology. You don't need Unseal button, that's why it is disabled.

But there is something more important, did you look at the cells voltage ? all cells have voltate 0mV. Can you attach a picture with all parameters from first tab ?

A reset must be performed only after all cells look fine. If cells are overdischarged or imbalanced then Reset is useless, chip will lock again.

NLBA Laptop Battery Analyzer with Chip Reset & Repair Option

Posted : 16/02/2021 4:16 pm
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Something is not right here! The pack voltage is 9.56v but cell voltages are all 0? This looks to me like a chinese aftermarket battery, where the cells voltages are not reported only the pack voltage is monitored. I can reccomend you to open the battery so that you can check if the chip really is bq8055a, and also to check cell voltages with multimeter.

Posted : 17/02/2021 10:29 am