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NLBA PC Software Revisions

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Version 3.4.0. - Build Date 21st of June 2021:

- Added Backup Server for Reset Option

- Disabled Reset in case a cell is bad

- Fixed minor bugs


Version 3.3.0. - Build Date 7th of May 2021:

- Added Reset support for BQ9000, BQ40ZXXX, BQ40XXX, SN8030, SN80305, SN80306

- Created new Reset License plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold

- Improved chip name detection

- Improved detection of Sanyo firmwares

- Added more battery pinouts

- Fixed minor bugs


Version 3.2.4. - Build Date 3rd of April 2021:

-Fixed no PDF rendering in Test Tab

-Fixed showing DeviceName instead of ManufacturerDate in the test report


Version 3.2.3. - Build Date 2nd of April 2021:

-Show warning message when the device is connected to a new PC

-Separated Reset option and SMBus interface, show them accordingly

-Minor bug fixes

-Added new battery pinouts


Version 3.2.1. - Build Date 1st of March 2021:

- Added pre-checks for battery parameters (Temperature, Cells Voltage, Current) before Reset
- Added Reset support for BQ8030A and BQ8055A Lenovo in Bronze License
- Improved Lock/Unlock Algorithm


Version 3.2.0 - Build Date 14th February 2021

- Added in cooperation with a third-party company a complete new Reset / Unlock feature for BQ208XX, BQ20ZXXX, BQ304XX, BQ8030, BQ8050, BQ8055. This feature is part of the new Reset / Unlock concept, it is not free and requires a monthly paid license. More details on -> Services

-Updated the algorithm to display FCC in mAh in case it is reported in 10mWh

-Added warning message to reconnect the battery when Power On buttons is pressed

-Added new battery pinouts

-Fixed several minor bugs


Version 3.1.3 - Build Date 17th December 2020

- Extended Applied Output Voltage from 6v-16v to 3v-18v

- Bug Fixed in SMBus ReadBlock return function

- Added Ignore SoC while charging/discharging. It is available in Charge, Discharge and Calibrate tabs. It is working only with device firmware starting with V1.13. These options are useful in case the battery chip reports a very bad SoC, e.g. SoC = 100% for cells charged to 30% or SoC=0% and cells charged at 90%.


Version 3.1.2 - Build Date 22th November 2020

- Improved GUI response while reading dynamic data

- Improved interface driver concurrent access

- Added get support button in the Help page


Version 3.1.0 - Build Date 17th November 2020

- added "one button" update feature

- added device firmware ID into the upper top right window

- added more battery pinouts

- marked over-discharged cells in orange

- marked ChargingCurrent and ChargingVoltage parameters to orange if they are not ok

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NLBA Laptop Battery Analyzer with Chip Reset & Repair Option

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English ?

NLBA Laptop Battery Analyzer with Chip Reset & Repair Option

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How do I correct this fault? ChargingCurrent and ChargingVoltage parameters marked in orange if they are not right
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Watch this video first:

What is the Lock Status ?

If you connected all wires correctly then, the chip is Locked.

NLBA Laptop Battery Analyzer with Chip Reset & Repair Option

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