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Help! Makita batteries on a Macallister 36v mower

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Hi guys, wondered if anyone could help please 😊


My brother accidentally bought this lawnmower, not knowing that it did not come with a battery and charger.

It was too late to return it so I’m trying to get it working on Makita batteries which I have a number of. Bought 2 Makita battery holders and added them in series to generate the required 36v.

So the controls are receiving power (see photos) but the only thing which is stopping the thing working from what I understand is the thermistor connection from the original lawnmower my battery (blue arrow shows the connectors from original battery pin outs to the motor circuitry). I just get a red flashing light.

Looking up the schematics for the original battery the pin outs show that there was a thermistor which obviously gave out a reading. Anybody know what the reading should be and how I can recreate said reading to get this working?

The Makita batteries have internal protections so really I want to just bypass the lawnmower pin-outs 💁 hope that makes sense.

thanks in advance for any help 😊👍

Topic starter Posted : 26/05/2023 10:22 am