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Metabo-HPT/Hikoki/Hitachi 18V 36V

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C+ Positive charging terminal (Provided by charger to battery pack)
+ Positive Voltage (Connected Directly to the the Battery Cells)
- Negative Battery Voltage (Connected Directly to the battery cells.)
LS Thermistor (PTC?? About 5M Ohms at room temp.)
V Vcc (supplied by charger to battery pack)
LD Discharge Enable/Stop Signal (Grounded when discharge is enabled. High or floating when fault detected)
T Battery Type Discrimination (Type,Resistance,Voltage; A/1K Ohm/0.5V , B/4.3K Ohm/1.5V , C/10K Ohm/2.5V , D/24K Ohm/3,5V , E/92K Ohm/4.5V)


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