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Metabo-HPT/Hikoki/Hitachi 18V 36V

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C+ Positive charging terminal (Provided by charger to battery pack)
+ Positive Voltage (Connected Directly to the the Battery Cells)
- Negative Battery Voltage (Connected Directly to the battery cells.)
LS Thermistor (PTC?? About 5M Ohms at room temp.)
V Vcc (supplied by charger to battery pack)
LD Discharge Enable/Stop Signal (Grounded when discharge is enabled. High or floating when fault detected)
T Battery Type Discrimination (Type,Resistance,Voltage; A/1K Ohm/0.5V , B/4.3K Ohm/1.5V , C/10K Ohm/2.5V , D/24K Ohm/3,5V , E/92K Ohm/4.5V)


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Topic starter Posted : 01/06/2022 5:28 am
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Hi marmichalsku,

thanks for sharing the information, I was desperately searching for this kind of information!

I'm trying to reverse engineer the Multivolt system of a massive Hikoki impact driver: I have 7 contact blades on the tool.

The shape of the connector is such that C+ and T are not used, however, a contact on V is present indeed.

So, I'm wondering: do I have to apply a voltage on this pin, if I want to trick the impact driver to think he is connected to his Multivolt battery?

I don't have access to batteries or chargers at the moment unfortunately.

Maybe you guys can give me an hint here, it would be so appreciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Posted : 01/01/2023 6:16 pm
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Post several pictures to see what you have.

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