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Battery model: DJI FB1-3830
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Battery model: FB1-3830, Nominal Voltage: 11.4, Design Capacity: 3830mAh, Design Energy: 43.6Wh, Max.Charge Voltage: 13.05V.
Chip: BQ30Z55 (6BTG4 -AKF5)

I'm trying to connect this battery to the LNBA.
Following the instruction found on the website and the manual, using a tester in Diode mode, I could determine the polarity (+ and -) and the two pins for data and clock (but I don't know which is which).
I've tryied to connect to the NLBA without any result. I also inverted the 1 and 10 pins (D and C) but nothing.

Any suggestion? Thanks

 DJI FB1 3830 Battery
Topic starter Posted : 22/06/2021 8:44 pm
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This battery has three communication buses, UART, SMBUS and SWI. On the connector signal pins you found are Rx and Tx data lines of UART interface. You could not use it with NLBA device directly. It has proprietary DJI communication.

 If you want just to read SBS report, you should open the battery and connect to SMBUS port on the PCB, the points are marked there on gold testpoints as GND, SCL, SDA. But consider that in this case NLBA will serve as secondary Master because primary Master is msp430 MCU located on same PCB. In such a scheme special measures should be taken to avoid conflicts on the bus during simultaneous access to shared resource, which is fuel gauge.


Posted : 24/06/2021 1:46 am
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Can you detail which special measures have to be taken into account in order to read this battery SBS report using the NLBA1 device ?

NLBA Laptop Battery Analyzer with Chip Reset & Repair Option

Posted : 24/06/2021 4:54 am
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  The measures depends on works to be planned on the SMBUS.

 Basically we could split it into three groups

1. Occasional SBS report read or read once.

For this kind no special measures could be taken as bus conflicts probability is minimal.

2. Regular SBS parameters reading like for logging or AutoCycle purposes.

 Bus conflicts occurrence is high enough. Hanging of Primary or Secondary Masters could take place and loss of communication.

This could be minimised by reducing bus reading speed, like it's done in alternative software using a slider. Don't know if this option is available in the Nlba.

3. Unseal, Unlock, Clearing Errors, Changing parameters in dataflash.

 For this kind of jobs msp430 should be isolated off the bus. It could be done by temporary cutting SMB_ENABLE line on the Pcb.

Another option is Multi-Master mode support in the software, so secondary Master serves as Bus Arbiter and works only on msp430 silent periods (800mS every 1000mS). This is what we developed and successfully using in our DJI tools. All three kinds of above jobs could be done this way.



Posted : 24/06/2021 9:48 am