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System Present Pinout  

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I have tested 40+ batteries and a great many of them have an SOC = 0% and will not take a charge.   It that common for a bad battery?   Do I need to find a System Present (SP) pinout?   I have assumed that if I can get battery info then SP is not needed.   Is this correct?   Any idea why so many batteries have an SOC of Zero?

Attached is recent output, with a window message?

Thanks, chocolotterry


Posted : 21/10/2020 9:52 pm
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A battery does not take charge if:

- it is locked / bad / PF flag set

- System Present (if required) is not connected

- SoC=100%


Yes, you need System Present pin if required, to be connected, otherwise the battery won't charge.

In your attached PDF file I see a battery that is in Lock state / BAD assuming you connected the System Present (if needed).

Once you connected the battery correctly to NLBA device then you can check ChargingCurrent and ChargingVoltage. If both are 0 then the battery won't take charge: even it is in Lock State, even SP pin not connected even it is Fully Charged.


Also note that cells voltages also say how good is the battery, in principle they must be over 3000mV and the difference between the cells should not be higher than 300mV.

Posted : 22/10/2020 7:37 am