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NLBA1 Device

  File Name   Version   Download
  NLBA Laptop Battery Analyzer Win7/10 x86/x64   V4.2.0   Download
  PDF Manual   V1.0   Download


Certification Documents

  File Name   Reference Number   Download
  Attestation of Compliance   LCS211223138AE   Download
  EMC Test Report   LCS211223138AE-EN5503235   Download
  FCC SDoC TEST REPORT   LCS211223139AE-FCC-Report   Download
  Declaration of Conformity   Declaration_of_Conformity   Download


TI EV2300/EV2400 Drivers

  File Name   Order Installation   Download
  EV2300DevKitSetup   Install first   Download
  EV2400_Support_Components_20110524   Install Second   Download