Where is NLA1 Laptop Battery Analyzer designed and produced ?

NLBA1 Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer is designed completely in Romania. Some of the parts are produced in Shenzhen (China) factories. The assembling, flashing, calibration and testing are done in Romania.

Where is NLA1 Laptop Battery Analyzer shipped from ?

NLBA1 Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer is shipped from Iasi (Romania) using UPS.

Does NLBA1 Laptop Battery Analyzer have warranty ?

NLBA1 Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer has 12 months warranty.

Which operating systems are NLBA1 PC Software compatible with ?

NLBA1 PC Software is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

How much power NLBA1 device consume ?

NLBA1 device consumes the highest power when it charges laptop batteries with voltages over 17V. The maximum power consumption is 70W.

We always recommend using an AC power adapter 20V and the current over 4.5A.

What are the dimensions of the NLBA1 device unit ?

NLBA1 hardware device measures: 110 x 90 x 68mm.

Where can I download the NLBA1 PC Software from ?

NLBA1 PC Software download link is available under Download menu or https://www.laptopu.ro/download

What should I do with the license key found on the flyer ?

Nothing. The license key was used in the past for PC software installed. Now it is not used anymore.

Is there a public link for the PC Software Manual ?

Yes, https://www.laptopu.ro/Download/Manual/Manual_NLBA.pdf

Note that the user manual could not be aligned to the latest Software version.

How do I get support ?

For Technical Topics the customer should use our community: https://www.laptopu.ro/community .

For anything else:

email – see Contact page

Whatsup: +40741676860

Desktop Remote: Install AnyDesk

Can NLBA1 device be used on multiple PCs ?

No. The NLBA1 device can be used on only 1 PC. Anyway, if the PC gets faulty or a hardware component is changed then the device can be activated on another PC (not exceeding the limit of a maximum 3 PCs). Note that any new activation is counted but PC history is not saved. It cannot be used on two PCs (one at work and one at home). In case the maximum limit is reached then we can grant manually another activation slot.

Does NLBA1 device require Internet Access ?

Yes, internet access is needed for authentication and synchronization.