Laptop Battery Chip Reset and Programming

Reset and Programming Laptop Battery Chip is a new feature developed in cooperation with a third party company that offers you the possibility to Unlock and Repair laptop batteries.

This feature was introduced on 15th February 2021 as part of the new Reset / Unlock / Repair laptop battery concept, it is included into NLBA PC Software but it requires a special paid license. The license price is not included into device price. The license is needed strictly for Resetting / Programming the chips.

This option requires a special paid license presented below.

License Bronze

Texas Instruments BQ208XX: bq20853, bq20857, bq20864, ​​bq20869, bq20870, bq20882, bq20886, bq20887, bq20889, bq20891, bq20894, bq20895

Texas Instruments BQ20ZXXX: bq20z40, bq20z45, bq20z451 (Firmwave Version up to 5.0), bq20z453, bq20z456, bq20z459, bq20z60, bq20z65, bq20z655, bq20z70, bq20z701, bq20z704, bq20z75, bq20z80, bq20z90, bq20z91, bq20z95, bq20z951, bq20z955

Texas Instruments BQ304XX: bq30420, bq30421, bq30422, bq30423, bq30424, bq30471, bq30472

Texas Instruments (Firmware Sanyo): bq8030, bq8030a, bq8050, bq8050-D1, bq8055, bq8055a (Including Lenovo bq8030a and bq8055a)

Supported Operations:
– Unseal all the chips within seconds using the master password (no need to make RemainingCapacity=0 like other program)
– Clear PFF (Permanent Failure Flag)
– Write EEPROM
– Update manufacturer date
– Update cycle count
– Update FCC (not supported by BQ208XX, BQ304XX)

Price: $43.00 per month (Best Price on the market)