Major Features

Easy Repair
Read/Write EEPROM
Clear Errors
Edit Paramteres

Repairing a DJI drone battery is now as simple as counting from 1 to 3.

Step 1Read Parameters (the software marks the failure)
Step 2Chip Selection (it is detected automatically most of the time)
Step 3Unseal the battery and Clear Chip Errors

When a battery requires special attention, just open a topic in the community and we will be there to offer the best support.
Our team has Experts in repairing DJI drone batteries.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what is happening with your battery, just open a topic in the community and our team will guide you.

Check out our tutorials on How To Repair DJI Batteries: DJI Mavic AIR PB1 and DJI MINI 2.

Our Reset Feature unseals most of the chips using the master password within a few seconds. Unsealing is mandatory to change the chip parameters.

No need to try different passwords from a database.
No need to fully discharge the laptop battery.

By pressing the “Unseal” button the chip is unsealed and switched to FAS (Full Access) or Unsealed mode.

Our license does exactly what it states: it can unseal any DJI Drone Battery with bq30z55, bq9003, bq40z307 and bq40z50 chips.

All battery parameters are saved into the EEPROM/Dataflash of the chip.
The DJI Chip Reset Option can read and write the EEPROM image.

Using this feature, DJI drone battery parameters can be changed, or even batteries with the same part number can be copied/cloned.

The EEPROM image can be saved into a file.

Our Software is customer friendly since from the beginning it was designed to offer a simple and easy solution to all people with basic electronic knowledge.

Don’t worry about how to operate the software, our software has only a few buttons, all the complex part is behind them.

A laptop battery stops working and sets a PFF (Permanent Failure Flag) when it detects a failure.
There are several types of failures but the most common one is over-discharged cells.
After fixing/replacing bad cells and checking the thermal fuse, clearing PFF is mandatory.

Our Reset feature can clear the PFF with just one button.

From now on, you don’t need to worry about what to edit into EEPROM to make the chip work again. There is only one button that clears all chip errors and brings the battery back to life. All the complex stuff is behind the buttons.

The Chip Reset Feature can edit the most important parameters in the battery chip EEPROM.
The parameters that can be changed after unsealing are: Date, Cycle Count and FCC.
The other parameters, if needed, can be changed into the EEPROM image.

Note that resetting the Cycle Count parameter to 0 does not bring the battery back to life. Only Clearing Errors will make the battery work again if the cells are good.

For TI EV2300 and EV2400, we can offer bqEVSW and bqStudio with the correct plugins so the user can change any parameter.
Advance parameter editing is available only for EV2300/Ev2400.

Reset DJI Ronin Battery

Reset DJI Phantom 4 PRO

Supported Chip List - Unlimited Batteries

Texas Instruments Gas Gauge Chips bq30z55, bq9003, bq40z307, bq40z50
DJI Battery Type DJI Drone Mavic Pro
DJI Drone Mavic 2 Pro
DJI Drone Mavic 2 Ent
DJI Drone Mavic Air
DJI Drone Mavic Air 2
DJI Drone Mavic Mini
DJI Drone Mini 2
DJI Drone Spark
DJI Drone Phantom 2
DJI Drone Phantom 3
DJI Drone Phantom 4
DJI Drone Phantom 4 Pro
DJI Steadycam Ronin
DJI Steadycam Ronin-M
DJI Steadycam Ronin-S
DJI Steadycam Osmo
DJI SmartControl CrystalSky
DJI Battery Model FB1-3830mAh-11.4V
Supported Operations – Unseal all the chips within seconds using the master password (no need to make RemainingCapacity=0 like other program)
– Unlock / Clear PFF (Permanent Failure Flag)
– Read EEPROM/DataFlash
– Write EEPROM/Dataflash
– Update manufacturer date
– Update cycle count
– Update FCC
Supported Devices – This license works with NLBA1 PC Software
- The NLBA1 PC Software works with:
- NLBA1 device
- TI EV2300
- TI EV2400
- High Quality EV2400 Clone

NLBA1 - ALL IN ONE Repairing Tool
Unique on the market

Only the NLBA1 device has both functions: Analyzer and Repair (with a license).
TI EV2300/EV2400 cannot perform Advance Analysis like the NLBA1 device.
NLBA1 can charge, discharge, calibrate, measure IR cells, check the cells, measure the real capacity, generate reports, etc. for a DJI or a Laptop Battery.

Recover the investment of the DJI Chip Reset Option just by repairing a few batteries.
Free Unlimited Updates over the license period.
Our team is continuously working to add more and more chips.
Great support is offered from the experts directly on the community platform

DJI Chip Reset Option works with  NLBA1 device and EV2300/EV2400.