Major Features

Cells Check

Reads Battery Information stored inside the battery controller even the battery is faulty and not detected by the laptop.

Performs Quick Heath Test by analyzing the behavior of the battery during the lifetime.

Reads Cells Voltage in Seconds even the battery is damaged, faulty or not detected by the laptop. This great feature can be used in recycling/extracting good cells from faulty laptop batteries.

Checks if the battery is Locked for charging or discharging. When the chip inside the battery detects a malfunction then the battery is locked for charging or discharging (Permanent Failure).

NLBA1 device Charges almost All Laptop Batteries with a maximum current of 3.2 Amps. A great feature that helps you know if a battery can be charged by the laptop. The stop charging conditions are customizable.

The Charging Process is Safe because the battery charging protocol is respected. More, the device monitors continuously the battery parameters and stops charging immediately an error is detected.

On an Intuitive Graphic, the battery current and voltage are plotted to offer a great experience in zooming, tracing and analyzing the values.

During charging process, parameters like state of charge, max. charging current / voltage or charging time are Recorded.

Discharges the batteries with a current down to -3.2 Amps. Customizable stop discharging conditions.

Measures the real battery capacity during the discharging process.

Track the cell’s voltage on the graph. A fantastic feature that lets the user analyze the voltage drop of each cell and estimate how good the cells are.

The device can dissipate a power of 50w. The fan speed is controlled in a smart way to assure maximum power dissipation while keeping the noises as low as possible.

NLBA1 device can Calibrate Almost All Laptop Batteries. A laptop battery that is not calibrated will show incorrect information to the Operating System.

Fully Customizable Calibration Process. A calibration cycle means the battery is fully charged > fully discharged -> fully charged. All these three phases are fully customizable (time, current,  state of charge, temperature, etc.).

The PC Software shows capacity before and after calibration.

During discharging cycle the Real Battery Capacity is measured.

The device can compute Internal Cell Resistance based on the DC load method. The resistance is measured using the battery high performance chip able to achieve a resolution down to 1 mOhm.

The Cell’s Health is estimated based on the internal cel’s resistance and the cel’s temperature and it is displayed as Good, Poor or Bad. With this feature, the cells can be checked within seconds.

Wake Up The Battery is a feature that can revive those laptop batteries that are over-discharged but still not locked (those batteries that are stored for a long period without charging).

The PC Software draws the configuration of the cells inside the battery.

We are glad to announce that in February 2021 we released Reset/Repair Feature. This feature is optional and can be used by those who want to repair laptop batteries.

Major features of this option:
– Unsealing the chips within seconds
– Clearing chip errors (Permanent Failure Flags)
– Read and Write EEPROM/DataFlash
– Edit parameters: ManufacturerDate, Cycle Count and FCC

NLBA device comes with 10 FREE days Reset/Repair Option, unlimited batteries, you can repair 1 or 100 batteries for free.

More information can be found here Chip Reset Option



Latest Features Added in 2021

Pinout Detection
Lock Status
Functional Test
Test Report (PDF)

Are you wondering how to find out the pinout of a laptop battery ? Now with the Find Battery Pinout feature the battery pinout will be displayed based on the entered Part Number.

The database has more than 1000 battery pinouts and it is growing.

More, the customer can enter a new battery pinout to keep the database updated and help other users.

Are you wondering what is the real status of a laptop battery ? The new feature Lock Status can determine the state of the chip. If the chip is Locked then a failure was detected and the battery stopped charging and discharging. The failures are marked in orange.

Now, the Chip Name is automatically detected by the NLBA software, no need to open the battery enclosure.


Do you want to test if a battery is functioning with just one click ?

A new feature called Functional Test has been added to perform a complete test for communication, charging, discharging, cells temperature, health, cycle counter and health.

The new functional test feature saves the Test Report in PDF format. The test report can be used to prove the battery was tested and the results are certified.

The PDF report contains the test laboratory information and shows the results saved under an unique Test ID.

With this option, the customers could not complain the battery was changed or damaged when a laptop is left in a repair shop.

Are you wondering how the Technical Support will be done ? Well, the technical support is offered by the manufacturer through the community.

Who else could offer better support than the author of the device ?

Our community is

NLBA includes 10 FREE days Chip Reset/Repair Option

NLBA device is the most advanced laptop battery analyzer, far the best on the market.
We recently introduced the Chip Reset feature in order to repair the batteries. This feature is absolutely optional and requires a separate license.
By adding the Reset/Repair option, the NLBA device becomes a unique ALL-IN-ONE tool to Analyze and Repair Laptop Batteries on the market.
The NLBA device price includes 10 FREE days Chip Reset/Repair option. NLBA device price can be easily recovered by repairing few batteries.

More information about Reset Feature.

Safety Features

  • Protected Communication Wires. Data lines are protected against any kind of short between data lines or between data lines and power lines.
  • Over Current Protection. The device disconnects the power path in case the charging/discharging current exceeds 3.0 / -3.0 Amps.
  • Over Temperature Protection. If the heatsink temperature sensor reports a temperature higher than a safety threshold the current is decreased.

  • Built-in Microcontroller. A high-performance microcontroller monitors continuously internal battery sensors and reacts in a very short time.
  • Reverse Battery Protection. The device is protected in case the power lines are accidentally reversed and it recovers immediately once the error disappears.
  • Diagnosis interface. Our PC Software offers an interface to diagnose the tool, to read the temperature sensor, turn the FAN, set output voltage or even to read error memory.
  • Intelligent FAN Control. The speed of FAN is adjusted based on the heatsink temperature keeping the noise as low as possible.